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Wine Notes: New Age Sweet Wine

The other day, I found myself on another quest for a wine made from a grape, from a wine region I had not explored (or in this case, explored well).  What did I come up with? New Age Sweet Wine

This is a white wine made from 90% Torrontes and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. It comes from Argentina's San Rafael wine district located in the Mendoza Wine Region (Argentina's leading wine province). 

Special care is taken in the production of the wine. The grapes are hand-picked and to achieve a semi- sweet and semi -sparkling wine, selected yeasts are added to the freshly pressed juice to begin the fermentation. Fermentation is then halted halfway through, by spinning the wine in a centrifuge.

Let's talk about the wine:

Appearance: This wine is pale lemon in color and slightly effervescent

Nose: The aromas are white florals, juicy citrus, stone fruits (peach) and wet stones (the aroma characteristics are primary)

Palate: off- dry, high acidity, low alcohol and light bodied. The flavors are pronounced: crisp citrus flavors and fresh stone fruits; medium finish. 

Overall, I would rate this wine as good. The high acidity is balanced by the fruit flavors and the residual sugar in the wine. Though the wine is low in alcohol (9% ABV), it is balanced by the effervescence in the wine. It is a light wine, and as such, I did not get the complex aromas and flavors I enjoy when drinking a glass of wine. However, do not let this discourage you from trying this one, as a lack of range in flavors is not necessarily a negative

The price for this wine is $8.99 for a 750 mL. I purchased this wine from Total Wine, which typically has the best prices when it comes to wine in the area (at least, my area). 

One thing wines from Argentina are noted for are the good bargain prices, for decent wine. Since the launch of my blog, I have encouraged my readers to be open- minded and not allow the prices of more expensive wines to discourage them from trying wines that are priced lower or wines from areas that are not so popular. Why? You can often find wines that can compete with some of the more popular wines, but for a fraction of the cost. 

So, I will continue to challenge you to keep searching and discovering. Email me and let me know what you find!

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