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Wine Notes: Teliani Valley Kindzmarauli (2019)

 Hey, Everyone! I am back with another rare wine. This time, I present: Teliani Valley Kindzmarauli , a wine of the Republic of Georgia . How cool is that? Before I discuss the wine, let me provide a little bit of background. For those that may not be familiar with the location of the Republic of Georgia (not to be confused with the state of Georgia ), this country is located south of Russia and north of Turkey. To have a better understanding of its size, it is smaller than the state of Maine! The Republic of Georgia is full of history, enriched in cultural traditions and yes, winemaking. It is considered one of the oldest agricultural sites for growing grapevines as well as the production of wine. Wine is important to the people and culture of Georgia and its production dates as far back as 8,000 years ago. Though, international varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are permitted, 95% of Georgian wine is made from indigenous varieties, such as: saperavi , kisi ,
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Wine Notes: New Age Sweet Wine

The other day, I found myself on another quest for a wine made from a grape, from a wine region I had not explored (or in this case, explored well).  What did I come up with? New Age Sweet Wine .  This is a white wine made from 90% Torrontes and 10% Sauvignon Blanc . It comes from Argentina's San Rafael wine district located in the Mendoza Wine Region (Argentina's leading wine province).  Special care is taken in the production of the wine. The grapes are hand-picked and to achieve a semi- sweet and semi -sparkling wine, selected yeasts are added to the freshly pressed juice to begin the fermentation. Fermentation is then halted halfway through, by spinning the wine in a centrifuge. Let's talk about the wine: Appearance : This wine is pale lemon in color and slightly effervescent Nose : The aromas are white florals, juicy citrus, stone fruits (peach) and wet stones (the aroma characteristics are primary) Palate : off- dry, high acidity, low alcohol and light bodied. The fl

Wine In A Can?! Review of Underwood The Bubbles

While shopping at Total Wine the other day, I decided to look for some wine from Oregon. As I was making my selection, I found myself face- to- face with a 375ml can that boasted what it contained inside: The Bubbles! Curiosity got the best of me and I quickly performed a Google search to get more information on the little gold tin. I could not believe it. This was Champagne in a can!  Who is behind this new thing? It is the Unionwine Company (based in Tualatin, Oregon) known for their three wine brands: Underwood, Kings Ridge and Alchemist. Ryan Harms, the founder and chief executive, formed the company to create something "I can share with friends and family and make accessible, without sacrificing quality". Harms was the first to produce and market wine in cans in the U.S. Underwood makes its wine from the diverse vineyards and wine growing regions of Oregon. They strive to make an approachable everyday drinking wine.  Though I purchased a can of The Bubbles, honestly, I

Wine Books for Your Library

 I have received questions regarding good books for a wine novice. As I am sure many of you know, there are plenty of them out there. When I began my journey, apart from my textbook (which was very helpful), I remember searching Amazon and looking through their top ratings when I came up with the first two listed below and then several more. Some of my texts were pretty expensive and others were affordable. However, what I wanted were books that were easy to read and contained information I could easily absorb. As those of you will learn who want to seriously pursue careers in the wine industry, this field is not just about memorization. You really, need to know your -ish! I must say, when I look at my collection of books, I am impressed. I have classics I will always reference. In addition, I have magazine subscriptions I feel "keep me in the know", which you will need to be.  I have listed my top four to get you started. The first two were my first purchases (straight from

Wine Notes for Louis Jadot Chardonnay Bourgogne (2017)

Excited to try a chardonnay from the Old World, I purchased the Louis Jadot Chardonnay Bourgogne.  I wanted to taste a chardonnay with a lighter body, unoaked and elegant.  At the time, I was not too familiar with wines from the Burgundy region, let alone, Bourgogne Blanc. Apparently, Bourgogne Blanc is a generic appellation. Thank goodness I learned that afterward, so that I was not jaded by rank! The Louis Jadot Chardonnay is a dry, 100% Chardonnay. Its grapes are Maconnais fruits blended with Cote Chalonnaise and Cote d'Or. The wine was aged in stainless steel for 12 months. This medium-bodied wine is is gold in color. It has aromas of bright, fresh citrus such as lemons. Its flavors are of bright citrus fruits, hints of pear, green apple, some minerals, and a spicy lingering finish. The ABV for this wine is 12.5%.  I included this wine in a wine tasting I led two weeks ago. When it came to food pairings, I suggested the participants try pairing it with roasted chicken, pork, se

Wine Notes for Albrecht Tradition Pinot Blanc (2018)

  I have tried a few wines from the Alsace region of France. I am attracted to these very aromatic wines, because though they are dry, they present fruit aromas and flavors that are bold and tasty. These wines never disappoint (at least, to me).  This time, I tried the Albrecht Tradition Pinot Blanc and was mesmerized. In Alsace, Pinot Blanc is usually reserved for a simple wine. However, this one was amazingly delicious and well worth the money spent.  Golden yellow in color; aromas of baked apples and spices spill from the glass on the nose. Followed by citrus notes, stone fruits, and minerals on the palate. This medium- bodied wine offers rounded acidity (12.5% ABV), and a slightly spicy finish. Do not let this pinot blanc fool you, it is a style that is often dismissed, but when it is made well, it can be quite a treat.  This un-oaked and dry wine is versatile with food, which is an added plus. You can pair it with salad, seafood, Asian cuisine, rice pilaf or have it alone.  For th