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Wine Notes: Olema Sparkling Wine Brut

  Another Wine for Sparkling Wine Enthusiasts I am familiar with the still wines of Olema from Sonoma, but I wanted to try a sparkling wine from the Loire Valley, and was quite intrigued to find Olema carried a Cremant De Loire. The Olema Sparkling Wine (Brut) comes from the Loire Valley's Angers region. Winemakers, Tony Biagi and Jesse Fox, work with a historical producer in the town of Brissac, that has the expertise to bring the best of the Loire Valley's sparkling wine tradition. The winery has been in operation since 1872. This sparkling wine is not like the sparkling wines I am accustomed to drinking that pack a certain punch. After the first sip, you will almost immediately notice, it is different. Not "purple unicorn" different- but there is a difference in the structure. The DNA is still sparkling wine, but when I drink this, I think clean...I think ethereal. What do I mean by this? For example, if you are familiar with A.J. De Margerie Grand Cru Brut or Veu

Preparing for the WSET Exam: Things To Do

Lately, I have received many questions about how to study for the WSET exams for Levels 1 and 2. Rather than create two blogs to address this, I will do one. My approach to studying for the exam was the same for both. Below, I have nine tips to help you get started. 1. Determine if you have the time to take the exam . First and foremost, look at your schedule and be sure you can add the course and the suggested study hours to your schedule. If you have a busy schedule, this may not be the time to take the course, let alone the exam. I don't know about you, but I am the  all or nothing  type. I don't want to take the exam for the bragging rights that I  barely passed; I want to take the exam, and be able to demonstrate I know my stuff! 2. Review the Specifications Guide for your level . The Specifications are your guide to passing the exam. It lists the learning outcomes (which are essentially the material you need know and what you will be tested on).  The learning outcomes ca