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Wine Books for Your Library

 I have received questions regarding good books for a wine novice. As I am sure many of you know, there are plenty of them out there. When I began my journey, apart from my textbook (which was very helpful), I remember searching Amazon and looking through their top ratings when I came up with the first two listed below and then several more. Some of my texts were pretty expensive and others were affordable. However, what I wanted were books that were easy to read and contained information I could easily absorb. As those of you will learn who want to seriously pursue careers in the wine industry, this field is not just about memorization. You really, need to know your -ish! I must say, when I look at my collection of books, I am impressed. I have classics I will always reference. In addition, I have magazine subscriptions I feel "keep me in the know", which you will need to be.  I have listed my top four to get you started. The first two were my first purchases (straight from