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Wine In A Can?! Review of Underwood The Bubbles

While shopping at Total Wine the other day, I decided to look for some wine from Oregon. As I was making my selection, I found myself face- to- face with a 375ml can that boasted what it contained inside: The Bubbles!

Curiosity got the best of me and I quickly performed a Google search to get more information on the little gold tin. I could not believe it. This was Champagne in a can! 

Who is behind this new thing? It is the Unionwine Company (based in Tualatin, Oregon) known for their three wine brands: Underwood, Kings Ridge and Alchemist. Ryan Harms, the founder and chief executive, formed the company to create something "I can share with friends and family and make accessible, without sacrificing quality". Harms was the first to produce and market wine in cans in the U.S.

Underwood makes its wine from the diverse vineyards and wine growing regions of Oregon. They strive to make an approachable everyday drinking wine. 

Though I purchased a can of The Bubbles, honestly, I felt like I was breaking some wine code out there. I grabbed my purchase and ran to the car. Once I came home, I popped that tin in my fridge to chill...

What is it like?

The Bubbles is a sparkling white wine made with Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Chardonnay grapes. The aromas were not as pronounced, and I believe it was due to the contents being contained in the can. When the drink was poured into a glass, I detected a hint of citrus, in particular, lemon and lime.  I also got a bit of minerals and some toast on the nose. 

On the palate, this is a dry wine. It has crisp citrus flavors, some minerals and toast. The acidity is high, the alcohol is medium, and the finish is short. 


Overall, for a canned refreshment, this wine exceeded my expectations. Though it is reported that canned wines are becoming popular, I do not see them replacing the bottle- at least, not in the next few years. For now, we can truly appreciate what the can offers: refreshing taste, convenience, practicality and a chance to be earth friendly (Remember to recycle those cans!).

I purchased my can from Total Wine for $6.99.