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Summer Movie Wine Pairings

Summer 2021 turned out some great movies. With the pandemic still rising in areas across the U.S and other parts of the world, there were many options to view the new releases. 

Though we may be bidding summer farewell soon, some of these releases are still available for your viewing pleasure (check your local listings and networks for more information). 

May I also suggest a few wines to go with your movies? Read on to find out why certain movies pair well with a particular wine!

The Pairings:

Space Jam: A New Legacy  Movie Preview
Wine choice: Australian Shiraz

Full-bodied and vibrant; intense and juicy meets a zany live-action animated sports comedy film. A good pair for the rebirth of a movie starring another basketball legend, Lebron James.

In the Heights  Movie Preview
Wine choice:  Viognier

This movie reminds me of West Side Story. It's a musical drama, with a nice story line and good musical score. There are lively characters and enough drama to take you through the emotions. Wines made of viognier are usually full-bodied with flavors that are captivating. A perfect match for a movie with similar characteristics.

Marvel Studios Black Widow  Movie Preview
Wine choice: Malbec (Cahors)

For this movie, I chose a Malbec. If you can find a bottle labeled Cahors, even better. With its inky, dark color and dark fruit flavors, this wine is befitting for the protagonist and the viewer too!

Summer of Soul  Movie Preview
Wine Choice: Orange Wine

A special year for African Americans coming out of the Civil Rights Movement. It's about history and culture. It is also about great music in that moment of time. Orange wine is often described as robust and bold and may have tannin and a high phenolic content. Just like the musical performances in this feature, there is quality to be enjoyed.

F9: The Fast Saga  Movie Preview
Wine choice: Riesling

Sure, you can select any white wine with soaring acidity, but a Riesling might be the better competitor. Racy acidity, full of energy and "velocity" (to borrow a word description from Karen McNeil), this is a good contender for a movie with a need for speed. 

Four Good Days  Movie Preview
Wine Choice:  Barbaresco

In just a few short words, all you can need is a glass of this varietal and then raise your glass to toast to the moms (and dads) with actions that are often misunderstood, but the message of their heart is clear: they just want the best for their child. A movie with a gripping plot, believable characters and phenomenal actors, needs a wine that its characteristics of high tannin and acid, that require time to soften, offer the same tough love.