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Wine Notes for Louis Jadot Chardonnay Bourgogne (2017)

Excited to try a chardonnay from the Old World, I purchased the Louis Jadot Chardonnay Bourgogne.  I wanted to taste a chardonnay with a lighter body, unoaked and elegant. 

At the time, I was not too familiar with wines from the Burgundy region, let alone, Bourgogne Blanc. Apparently, Bourgogne Blanc is a generic appellation. Thank goodness I learned that afterward, so that I was not jaded by rank!

The Louis Jadot Chardonnay is a dry, 100% Chardonnay. Its grapes are Maconnais fruits blended with Cote Chalonnaise and Cote d'Or. The wine was aged in stainless steel for 12 months.

This medium-bodied wine is is gold in color. It has aromas of bright, fresh citrus such as lemons. Its flavors are of bright citrus fruits, hints of pear, green apple, some minerals, and a spicy lingering finish. The ABV for this wine is 12.5%. 

I included this wine in a wine tasting I led two weeks ago. When it came to food pairings, I suggested the participants try pairing it with roasted chicken, pork, seafood (such as lobster), Asiago cheese, and almonds. Many opted for the almonds as a snack and actually enjoyed the pair. 

Chardonnay should be served chilled, usually between 50 and 55 degrees. 

I purchased this wine for $16.99 from my local Total Wine.