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Wine Notes for Bartenura Malvasia Di Casorzo 2018


Always one to go against the grain, I chose a light drink for a cold snowy day. To be honest, it was a great thing to do as the Bartenura Malvasia Di Casorzo allowed me to mentally escape to a warm place where ice, sleet and snow were no where in sight. 

Malvasia Di Casorzo is a red berry used to make sweet and sparkling wines in Piemonte. What Bartenura did with this wine was well- done. 

The color is a clear rose color and the drink is slightly sparkling. On the nose and palate, there are red berry notes. I detected cherry first.  This semi- sweet, light- bodied drink is fresh and bright and the acidity provides balance. While drinking this wine, it reminded me of my beloved Brachetto. 

Ideally, this is a perfect wine for a nice warm day, a picnic, or a small evening gathering on the deck. Definitely serve this drink chilled and if you pair it with food, think light dishes or appetizers. It also pairs well with cheeses.

This drink has a 5% ABV.  One could easily finish it alone. But why consume all the calories? I would rather share the caloric love.  This is not a bad wine, it is indeed tasty. Would I keep a backup of it? No. Personally, I prefer a more heavier drink. For my friends who prefer a light, semi- sweet drink, this would be good for you. For a girls' night, brunch, or even a starter? Perfect.

I purchased a 750 mL for $13.99 at Total Wine.