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Tasting Notes for Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz


In the past, I walked by Jam Jar at my local wine store and did not think twice about putting it in my cart. However, after a few recommendations from friends, I decided to give the wine a try. 

This wine is for those who like their wine on the delightful side. The semi- sweet wine has aromas and flavors of fruity red berries and undertones of chocolate and spices. The finish is smooth. This is an easy to drink wine and yes, a crowd pleaser. The grapes used in this wine were 100% Shiraz. The ABV is 13%.

The great thing about this wine is you can find it almost anywhere: Target, Total Wine and you can make a purchase from their website. 

This wine pairs well with barbeque or Italian food (think spicy Arabiatta), pizza, Asiago cheese, beef, poultry and lamb. It tastes great lightly chilled (refrigerate for about 10 minutes prior to serving). 

Would I recommend this wine? Absolutely! I am not crazy about super sweet wines, and this one has just the right amount of sweetness. If I may also add, I went ahead and purchased two more bottles and I am also using this wine in a tasting that I will be hosting.

I purchased the Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz at Total Wine for $7.99. 

If you have never tried Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz, it is a safe bet. When you do try it, don't forget to let me know below!



  1. This is really cool! How did you get so into learning about wine?


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