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Welcome to The Wine Intellect

My introduction to wine began with what was familiar to me: Asti...Asti Spumante to be exact. Though there is nothing wrong with Asti, it was all I knew, and all I reached for.  It was more or less, safe.  When my sister returned from a semester spent in Italy, she introduced my family to Moscatos and Proseccos. With this exposure, she became our wine expert and now, we had options. 

One thing I admired about my sister's approach to wine was her will to experiment. She was not afraid to chart new territory as long as she did it on her terms. Holidays brought new wines she recently discovered, and my unaccustomed palate began to develop.

I have always been keen in spirits and cocktails. if you name it, I can whip it up. However, wine is in a category of its own. Though it is meant to bring people together and for enjoyment, there is a classy "air" about it that can come off intimidating.  It is often believed to be the libation of the elite, an expensive past time, or for wine connoisseurs (also generally known as snobs).

However, there is so much more to wine than its selection in stores. If you start at the types of grapes harvested to how they are harvested and where, that is a journey in itself. You can experience the world simply by tasting the wines of different regions!

I know the world of wine can be intimidating for some.  I understand what it means when you want to select that perfect bottle of wine to impress your guests. I also know there are great bargain buys and that your best wine does not have to have a price tag of $1,000.  That is why The Wine Intellect was created.  This is a judgement- free zone. You can learn about wine (and occasionally, spirits), you can get ideas and share ideas and develop basic etiquette that will make you feel comfortable at tastings and encourage your participation in wine conversations. 

My interest in wine is now my hobby. I derive so much joy learning about wine, that I now write about wine. Recently, I decided to challenge myself, and I decided to take a course to become a certified wine specialist. 

Come, hang out and take a look around. If you read or see something you like, comment and subscribe and also share with your friends!

Welcome to The Wine Intellect!  I look forward to meeting you here.