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Tasting Notes for Il Duca Imperiale 1917 Peach

Summer is over and we are well into fall. Today's Tasting Notes are for the Il Duca Imperiale 1917 Peach. The name of this wine implies a summer drink, but I say think outside of the box. If you consider a peach harvest at the commencement of fall, you can sip this wine and bid farewell to summer without feeling as if you've committed the unthinkable in the wine world. 

This light- bodied and semi -sweet wine is fresh and lovely. The obvious note at its core (on the nose and the palette) is peach. It is slightly sparkling which makes it quite lively. 

Il Duca Imperiale Peach is vegan and gluten free. The alcohol content is quite low at only 5%. 

It can be enjoyed with seafood, salads, and pasta or can be enjoyed on its own. 

Serve this drink chilled. 

It definitely make the good buy list at $12.99 from Total Wine. 

I like this wine. I will admit that I do not subscribe to specific times to enjoy wine. If it is good wine, I will have it at any time. I love the frizzante, which makes it quite fun. This is worth a try and the price point is not bad either.