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Wine Notes for Weibel Pomegranate California Sparkling Wine

Today's wine notes are on the Weibel Pomegranate California Sparkling Wine. This wine is produced by the Weibel family from their own family estate vineyards located in Lodi Wine Country (located between the San Francisco Bay and Sierra Nevada Mountains). 

For three generations, the Weibel family have produced California Champagne and fine wines. They are known for their Green Hungarian, which became popular with new wine drinkers in 1959.   Today, under the direction of Fred Weibel Jr., the Weibel family continues to produce wines from naturally flavored sparkling wines to non-varietal table wines.

Weibel Pomegranate California Sparkling Wine

This grape sparkler is pale red in color, with ample bubbly. On the nose, there are crisp red fruit and a hint of citrus. The juicy pomegranate on the palette highlights the moderately high acidity that ends with an off- dry finish. 

You can't go wrong with this one for brunch, a celebration or simple enjoyment. The bubbles in your glass are incessant and the taste is pretty impressive for the price. I purchased a 750mL at Total Wine for $12.99.  I would classify this as a light to medium- bodied wine at 11.5% ABV. It is labeled Demi-Sec, which gives the impression it is somewhat sweet. However, it leaned more dry to me. 

Pair this wine with a summer salad topped with your favorite seafood. Enjoy the ying-yang effect of flavors when paired with spicy cuisine. You can even enjoy it with fresh fruit, such as strawberries or indulge yourself with chocolate for a sweet touch. I enjoy using this wine as an ingredient in my mimosas. 

Other sparkling champagnes include: California Sparkling Pinot Noir Rose, Peach Mango, Sparkling Moscato, Pina Colada Sparkling, Citron Sparkling and many more! I also tried the Almond Sparkling Wine. Though I enjoyed it, I did not taste much of the almond flavor.

Is this wine worth the purchase? It depends on what you are looking for. It comes close to a cava-like feel. I was certainly impressed and entertained by the bubbles that would not end. For roughly $13.00, I could give my friends a glass and I don't think they would be disappointed. Certainly worth a try.