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Wine Notes for Albrecht Tradition Pinot Blanc (2018)

  I have tried a few wines from the Alsace region of France. I am attracted to these very aromatic wines, because though they are dry, they present fruit aromas and flavors that are bold and tasty. These wines never disappoint (at least, to me).  This time, I tried the Albrecht Tradition Pinot Blanc and was mesmerized. In Alsace, Pinot Blanc is usually reserved for a simple wine. However, this one was amazingly delicious and well worth the money spent.  Golden yellow in color; aromas of baked apples and spices spill from the glass on the nose. Followed by citrus notes, stone fruits, and minerals on the palate. This medium- bodied wine offers rounded acidity (12.5% ABV), and a slightly spicy finish. Do not let this pinot blanc fool you, it is a style that is often dismissed, but when it is made well, it can be quite a treat.  This un-oaked and dry wine is versatile with food, which is an added plus. You can pair it with salad, seafood, Asian cuisine, rice pilaf or have it alone.  For th

Wine Notes for Bougrier Vouvray Chenin Blanc (2018)

This Bougrier wine was my first Vouvray . Based on what I learned about Vouvrays, I was excited to "taste" for myself, what was so special about this wine.  Just a little background information before I begin the review: The Vouvray is one of the well known white wine appellations in the Touraine district of the middle Loire. Vouvrays are a collector's wine, as they can last a very long time (that is, top quality ones). Medium dry (demi- sec) is the main style. However, they can also be made into dry or medium sweet styles as well. One thing to note about Vouvrays is they are made from 100 % Chenin Blanc grapes.  The Bougrier Vouvray is a still wine, gold in color. It is aromatic and gives crisp, fresh lemon and citrus aromas. It has a zippy taste of citrus and a hint of spice, yet a creamy finish. This wine will please many wine enthusiasts, no matter their pleasure. It is in between a Moscato and a Chardonnay. It is not too sweet, yet, not dry.  The alcohol content is