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Wine Notes for Bougrier Vouvray Chenin Blanc (2018)

This Bougrier wine was my first Vouvray. Based on what I learned about Vouvrays, I was excited to "taste" for myself, what was so special about this wine. 

Just a little background information before I begin the review:

The Vouvray is one of the well known white wine appellations in the Touraine district of the middle Loire. Vouvrays are a collector's wine, as they can last a very long time (that is, top quality ones). Medium dry (demi- sec) is the main style. However, they can also be made into dry or medium sweet styles as well. One thing to note about Vouvrays is they are made from 100 % Chenin Blanc grapes. 

The Bougrier Vouvray is a still wine, gold in color. It is aromatic and gives crisp, fresh lemon and citrus aromas. It has a zippy taste of citrus and a hint of spice, yet a creamy finish.

This wine will please many wine enthusiasts, no matter their pleasure. It is in between a Moscato and a Chardonnay. It is not too sweet, yet, not dry.  The alcohol content is 12.5% ABV.  Its mouthfeel is definitely a medium- bodied feel. 

It can be served as an aperitif, served with poultry, ham, seafood (try smoked salmon), vegetables (a salad) or served chilled. When I tasted this wine, I had it with my dinner and then the following day, enjoyed it with lunch, which was a light salad with smoked salmon. 

It is a good wine from the Loire Valley and I am still curious to try more. I am in search of a Montlouis, which is said to be softer than the Vouvray.  I find this amusing, because I consider the Vouvray to be a soft white wine! Let me know your thoughts!

This wine was purchased for $14.99 from my local Total Wine.