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Wine Notes for Broletto Lambrusco D.O.C.

I am a fan of Lambrusco and always in search of a great Lambrusco wine. One day, I decided to peruse the wall of wine at my local Mom's Organic Market where I found the Broletto Lambrusco wine which is made with organic grapes.

Produced by Cantina Sociale di Puianello e Coviolo Sca, in Reggio Emilia, Italy, this Lambrusco is made with 30% Lambrusco Salamino, 30% Lambrusco Marani, 30% Lambrusco Maestri and 10%Ancellotta. What does this mean? These grapes were blended to give you the color, aroma and acidity of a very good wine. Each of these grapes (though same varietal, different species- with the exception of the Ancellotta), have characteristics that are stronger than others, but when combined, make for a tasty wine.

This intense ruby red wine is a sparkling wine. It is light- bodied on the palate and fruity. You can taste flavors of dark and red fruit: blackberry and raspberry.  The flavor is more robust than some of the Lambruscos I have had. Keep in mind, my selection is pretty limited where I am located. Also the finish is pretty lively. It has an ABV of 8.5%.

Broletto Lambrusco is advertised as a semi- sweet wine. However, I feel it leans more dry than sweet (in my humble opinion). 

I like to drink the Riunite Lambrusco. Though, it is not considered top shelf, you can find it on my dinner table on the weekends. If I were to compare the two, I would almost say the Broletto is the big sister to the Riunite. It is a little drier, but there is this precision with all of its components that make it feel more balanced than the Riunite.  Both are pretty affordable if you want to taste and compare for yourself. 

Would I recommend this wine? Certainly. It is great for casual dining.  You will not be embarrassed putting this bottle on the table in front of your friends that are well versed in wine.

This wine should be served at 50-54 degrees. It goes well with pasta, most of your red meats, and snacks such as, cheese and crackers.

I purchased the 750mL bottle at M.O.M's Organic Market for $12.99.