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Wine Notes for Freixinet Cordon Negro Cava (Sweet Cuvee)

Those that know me know I love champagne (I mean, true Champagne from the Champagne region of France). I am that one that will have champagne at brunch, lunch and dinner. However, there is a sparkling wine that comes close to champagne and is economical and practical. My fellow wine enthusiasts, if you have never tried it before, let me suggest trying a Cava.  Freixinet, anyone???

Why did I pick this one? 

Depending on who you ask, it may not be considered the greatest, but for individuals who are beginning their wine journey or for those that want a drink they can enjoy without breaking the bank, Freixinet (pronounced FRESH-EH-NET) is a good option and it continues to get better.

I have tried all the varieties Freixinet offers and have shared a few with friends that were not disappointed.  Today, I revisited an old favorite and that was the Freixinet Cordon Negro Cava

Let's get into the notes:

It is pale gold in color and very bubbly. On the nose, there is fresh peach and apples. The flavors are tropical fruit and a bit of toast (yes, toast); but this is good, because the acidity, flavors and crisp texture of the wine complement each other. I find it to be a balanced refreshing quality. 

The ABV is 11.5% and though it was labelled sweet cuvee, it was not overly sweet (please note the labelling has since changed and it appears it is now referred to as medium dry). 

This Cava is made from a blend of the Parellada, Macabeo, and Xarel.lo grapes and is made according to the specified process for making Champagne. That is, the secondary process in which secondary fermentation takes place in each individual bottle. The ageing time for this wine is between 10 and 14 months. 

I used this wine for Mimosas and I must say, it is great for that. It also pairs well with most foods- especially Asian cuisine. 

Freixinet may not be a luxury sparkling wine, but its taste provides a refreshing experience money can't buy- trust me. 

Do I recommend? You bet I do. 

The price for this wine ranges from $11- $13 depending on where you purchase it from.